Replacement or Duplicate Passport

Duplicate and Replacement Passports

If your horse’s passport has been lost, damaged or stolen, a duplicate passport can be issued. A duplicate passport should only be requested once every effort has been made to locate the original if it has been lost.

Procedure for Obtaining a Duplicate Passport

Passport Issuing Organisations (PIO) can only reissue passports that they have originally issued.
If you are not sure if the HPA is the original PIO please contact the Passport Office so that we can check our database and confirm whether we were the original issuers before you complete the paperwork. If the HPA did not issue the passport a full list of PIOs is available from Defra. Please note that as per the current regulations, if your horse is not already microchipped then your vet will need to implant a microchip before we are able to issue the duplicate passport.

Lost or Stolen Passports
If the original passport was issued by the HPA a Duplicate Application Form will need to be completed which is available to download here or you can contact the Passport Office to request that a copy is sent in the post. Your vet will be required to complete the silhouette to confirm the identity of the horse.

Damaged Passports
If the passport has been damaged please contact the Passport Office.

The cost for a duplicate passport is £60.00.

Processing Time
Upon receipt of a duplicate application, the HPA will issue a duplicate passport within 10 working days. Please be aware that incorrect paperwork can cause delays.

Section II
The duplicate passport will be stamped as a ‘duplicate’ and Section IX Part II II (or Section II for passports issued from 1st January 2016) will be signed by a HPA representative to declare that the horse is not intended for human consumption.

What happens if the original passport is found?
In the event that the original HPA passport is located, please return both the duplicate and original copies to the HPA Office with a covering letter (please also provide your contact details). The original passport will be up-dated accordingly and, if it wasn’t previously signed, Section IX (or Section II for passports issued from 1st January 2016) will be, to ensure that the horse is excluded from the human food chain. Any completed vaccination or veterinary pages will be transferred from the duplicate passport to the original as required. The updated original passport will then be returned.

Duplicate passports issued by other PIOs cannot be administered by the HPA and will be immediately returned to the sender.

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