New Passport Application

Apply for a new HPA Passport

A horse should only have one passport, you will need to do everything to check that it has not previously been issued with a passport, before applying for a new one.

This form must be completed by both the owner and a veterinarian and returned to the HPA for endorsement, until this has been done this is not a valid document. Under EU legislation all equines must hold a DEFRA approved passport and (as of 1st July 2009) all horses must be micro-chipped when they are first identified.  Equines that are eligible for registration with a breed society should refer to the appropriate society for passports. It is illegal to transport horses without a passport.

Previously Registered With Another Passport Issuing Organisation?

If the equine has previously held a passport within Europe please contact the issuing office to amend ownership details. This passport can then be ‘over-stamped’ by the HPA.

Third Party Insurance Cover for Polo ponies: In order to be entitled to third party liability cover under the HPA membership insurance, passports must be registered to current paid up members of the HPA with a handicap up to and including 2 goals; and non-HPA passports must be ‘over-stamped’ by the HPA. NB This cover extends to a maximum of 10 ponies per member. 

If your horse has a microchip number you can ENTER IT HERE to see if it has an existing passport.

All ponies, including any with visiting players or teams, must be accompanied by a valid Equine Passport at all times. This includes when they are taken to play at any club or in any tournament. To be valid for polo, the passport must:

a. Be issued by an approved EU Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO). The HPA is a PIO.

b. Contain an ‘Administration of Medicinal Products’ section (formerly Section IX, now Section II).

c. Be registered with the HPA in the name of the correct owner.

  1. In the case of passports not issued by the HPA, the passport must be over-stamped by the HPA.
  2. When a pony changes hands, it must be re-registered accordingly within 30 days.

All ponies issued with an Equine Passport after July 2009 are required to be microchipped.


Owners are advised to carry out an independent Coggins test if they have recently imported a pony from overseas or Europe. Although the threat of EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia) has reduced enough for the HPA to lift the requirement to provide a negative Coggins test along side passport applications for imported ponies it is still highly recommended best practice.  


To get a new passport you will need to arrange for your vet to visit and complete the below application form and send it in along with the passport.

Click on the button below to download the Application Form:

The cost for a new passport is £30.00 per passport.

If you require your passport URGENTLY, please see the pricing below:

URGENT PassportsCost+ VATTotal
3 Day Turnaround£ 100.00£ 20.00£ 120.00
24hr* / 2 Day Turnaround£ 200.00£ 40.00£ 240.00

*24 hr if the HPA receives the CORRECT documentation before 12pm that day.

Processing Time

Upon receipt of the change of ownership application, the HPA will transfer the ownership within 10 working days. Please be aware that incorrect paperwork can cause delays.