HPA Registration (Overstamp)

HPA Registration (eg. Weatherbys, Pet ID, Horse Passport Agency, BHS)

If a pony has been registered with a DEFRA approved PIO (Passport Issuing Organisation) within Europe, providing that the passport complies with the current regulations it will not require a new HPA passport.

Ponies that hold passport’s issued by DEFRA approved PIO’s must have their passports ‘HPA Registered’ by the HPA so that owners that are members of the HPA are entitled to the HPA’s third party insurance cover. (This was formerly known as ‘over-stamp’). However, the owner must have already completed the correct change of ownership procedure with the original passport issuing authority. Any passport the HPA receives for registration that does not have the current owner registered within the passport will be returned.

To get your passport HPA Registered you will need to complete this APPLICATION FORM and send it in along with the passport.

The cost for an HPA registration is FOC (Free of Charge) for the service, but we charge a mandatory £8.00 for Special Delivery Postage per 6 passports.

Processing Time
Upon receipt of a registration application, the HPA will complete registration within three working days. Please be aware that incorrect paperwork can cause delays.