Become a Member

Become a member

Subscription rates and levels have changed for 2018/2019 to reflect the handicap of the individual and to cover both the outdoor and arena season.  The same amount is payable regardless of nationality or residency.

No person may play in any match, organised game or practice chukka at or conducted by an affiliated or provisionally affiliated club in the UK or Ireland unless the membership requirements and formalities as set out below have been met and completed.

The ‘S’ membership category has been merged with the Chukka category. These players will only be allowed to play chukkas at their home club until they have passed their rules test and been given a handicap.

Introductory & Pony Club membership is for players who are purely under instruction or playing Pony Club Polo Only. This membership is free and does not include any form of insurance, you are purely put on the HPA newsletter mailing list to keep you in the loop and aide your progression in polo. This information also gives the HPA an overview of the progression and development of people entering the sport. You cannot play any club chukkas or tournaments with Introductory & Pony Club membership you must have the appropriate chukka or full membership.

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2018/2019 Membership Fees

Membership type SUB – Full Membership SUB – Under 18 & Students
Introductory & Pony Club  £0
CHUKKA £100 £50
-2 £160 £80
-1 £180 £90
0 £180 £90
1 £200 £100
2 £250 £125
3 £350 £175
4 £450 £225
5 £550 £275
6 £650 £325
7 £750 £325
8 £750 £325
9 £750 £325
10 £750 £325


*A principal place of residence will be the members only home but if they have more than one home it is where they mostly live.

Residence for nine months of the year in a particular country will be treated as sufficient to establish a principal residence in that country.

Membership Requirements

1. CV Form

Any person who requires a handicap above Chukka and who does not already hold a current HPA handicap is required to submit a CV form. The form must be signed by the player and countersigned by his club, and sent to the HPA at least 3 working days before he is due to play in any match. Until the CV form has been stamped and signed by the HPA, the player is not eligible to play. (See Regulation 6).

Outdoor CV Form

Arena CV Form


Once the HPA have receive the CV form the handicap awarded will normally be the highest attained in any country during the 12 months previous and will be placed in brackets until confirmed by the Handicap Committee, usually at the mid or end of season handicap meeting.

The brackets signal that a player’s handicap is under review and is therefore more likely to be changed at any time.

Brackets may be removed by the HPA when it is clear to the main Handicap Committee that the player is correctly handicapped.

2.Overseas Sponsored/ Non EEA Players

Endorsement Criteria for Non EEA players

Download the Criteria

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Click here to view the HPA’s Data Protection Policy (Please note this is a draft and subject to change before the regulation law comes into force in May 2018)

What you get for your HPA membership

  • Membership Letter

  • Pocket Rule Book

  • Public Liability Insurance. For full policy please click here.

  • The Hurlingham Magazine on publication.                                                                                                       

  • HPA Car Badge – giving free car access to specific events.                                                                                                       

  • Access to the Injured Players and Officials Fund. For further details please click here.

  • Access to the Polo Charity.

Further offers and discounts with partners may become available.