Members Employers’ Liability

Lycetts has arranged an insurance policy designed to protect individual members of the Hurlingham Polo Association for their liability exposure as an employer of personnel working solely in polo. This insurance does not extend to cover any other type of employee employed by a member in whatever capacity.


The maximum limit of indemnity is £10,000,000. If you would like a quote for this coverage the following button will take you to Employers’ Liability Quotation Request Form:

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Ordinarily, Employers’ Liability* insurance is not available as a stand-alone policy.

However, in this instance the cover is being made available as it is being underwritten by the same insurer that provides the HPA membership with their individual Public Liability (Third Party) insurance.

Therefore, eligibility for this product is contingent on the HPA Member being the applicant/employer in their own name as a private individual and not engaged in polo for any commercial business or gain.

If this is not the case, then this product is not suitable, as Employers’ Liability will have to be purchased in conjunction with Public Liability. Where this is the case, you should call us on the contact details provided below for further information.


For further details of this insurance or for any other insurance requirements please contact:

Piers Plunket – Lycett
Browne-Swinburne & Douglass Ltd.
Marlborough Office: 01672-512512