The Members Public Liability Insurance has been renewed for the period 1st February 2018 to 31st January 2019 both days inclusive, through Lycett, Browne-Swinburne & Douglass Ltd provided by Pen Underwriting and underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited.

This page is only a summary of the insurance cover.

For a full description of the insurance policy wording, including limits of indemnity and excesses, please click the download button.


This Insurance provides indemnity for:

  • Worldwide personal liability and or legal negligence including costs of legal defence for all Members whilst playing, practicing or training for polo and umpiring or refereeing of polo – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • For the purposes of this insurance a Member is defined as having an official handicap of up to and including 2 goals and owning a maximum of ten Polo Ponies that are registered/passported with the Hurlingham Polo Association in their individual name.

  • Cover will be automatically extended to include a Member increasing above an official handicap of 2 goals for a period not exceeding 30 days from the effective date of the handicap change.

  • This Insurance does NOT provide indemnity for:

    • A Member with an official handicap of three goals or more.

    • A Member with 10 or more ponies.

    • Employers’ Liability.

    • Coaching of polo.

    • For the business activity of any Member including any Polo Team they may own or sponsor.

    • Polo Clubs

    • Commercial polo businesses

    • Player-to-player liability which is specifically excluded.

    Please note that if you are 3 goals or above or involved in any commercial polo activity, you will need to purchase appropriate liability insurance, including as follows:

      Any Member’s professional commercial activity engaged in or employed in connection with the livery, breeding, buying, selling, dealing, hiring or training of horses or tutoring riders, in connection with polo, as a means of deriving an income and/or, someone who is sponsored by any company, commercial firm or recognized polo team and/or, someone who owns/operates/runs a ‘team(s)’ and employs full-time staff including a professional player or player(s) or coach(es) in connection with that team(s) whether seasonal or not.

      Claims Notification address:
      Lycett, Browne-Swinburne & Douglass Ltd.

      1 Stables Court

      The Parade,



      SN8 1NP

      Telephone: (01672) 512512
      Fax: (01672) 516 660

      It is important that you do not admit liability or make any offer or promise of payment without the written consent of the Insurers.

      For further details of this insurance or for any other insurance requirements please contact:

      Piers Plunket – Lycett, Browne-Swinburne & Douglas Ltd.

      Marlborough Office: 01672-512512