History of HPA

1869 - The first polo match was played in England on Hounslow Heath between  The 10th Hussars, and The 9th Lancers.
1874 - The first polo match was played at Hurlingham in  London
1875 - Hurlingham became the headquarters of polo and the Hurlingham Polo Committee drew up the first English rules.
1903 - The Hurlingham Polo Committee was re-titled as the Hurlingham Club Polo Committee and expanded to include representatives on the Council from the Services, the County Polo Association (formed in 1898 to look after the interests of the country clubs and to run the County Cup Tournaments), the three London polo clubs - Hurlingham, Ranelagh and Roehampton - and from all associations within the Empire where polo was being played.
1925 - The Hurlingham Club Polo Committee was re-designated as the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA).
1939 - The Champion Cup and polo was played at Hurlingham  for the last time. The grounds were turned over for agricultural use and after the war, were subject to a compulsory purchase order for building. No polo was played in London during the Second World War.
1949 - The County Polo Association was amalgamated with the HPA.
1952 - Polo restarted in England with the HPA based at Cowdray.
1989 - HPA moved to Winterlake, Kirtlington with Buff Crisp as Secretary.
1991 - The first H.P.A. Arena Polo Rules were issued.
2000 - HPA moved to Little Coxwell, Faringdon with David Woodd as Chief Executive.
2004 - HPA became an incorporated company, limited by guarantee.

History of Tournaments and Cups

1876 - The Champion Cup was inaugurated at Hurlingham.
1878 - Inter-Regimental and the Oxford v. Cambridge University Match inaugurated.
1885 - The County Cup inaugurated.
1911 - Coronation Cup presented on the Coronation of King George V when it was won by the Indian Polo Association. Thereafter, it was played for by the winners of the four major Open Cups until 1939.
1951 - The Coronation Cup was first contested as an International Match in 1951 and 1953 and yearly since 1971.
1955 - Polo ended at Roehampton. The Roehampton Cup was moved to Ham, now the only London polo clublub, and the County Cup to Cirencester Park Polo Club.
1956 - Cowdray Park Gold Cup inaugurated.


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